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To get a clear picture of whether your business is achieving its stated objectives, you need to look at the business from a bird’s eye view from time to time to analyse whether specific functions are in tune with the overall business objective.


It all starts with a business plan and formulation of business strategies. We can assist you develop a strategic business plan that determines the road that your business takes.


A business review will reveal how specific operations are feeding to the overall business objectives. You need to address internal controls and systems that will maximise the operational efficiency and effectiveness of your business.


Sometimes the answer lies in whether a business requires re-structuring or a re-organisation to make it more efficient and profitable.We shall help you address this issue to attain operational effectiveness.

We also offer services that deal with personnel management, staff hiring and training assessments.People are an important factor in business and personnel issues are finding their way to the strategy formulators of the company.Having qualified and motivated staff is an integral part of business that needs to make profits.


We also offer advice to businesses that are interested in finance raising. Injection of fresh funds is sometimes all that is required to save a business and with the enormous road blocks in finance raising, we shall be glad to assist you look for finance in the right and cost effective ways.

Services in Summary are:

• Strategic Business Planning
• Business Systems and controls review
• Business recovery

• Business re-organisation and re-structuring
• Human resource management
• Finance raising and investment appraisals