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Umuro Wario and Associates is a practicing member of Institute of
Certified Public Accountants of Kenya (ICPAK) and complies with all
the requirements and standards set by the institute.
We also carry out our audits in accordance with International
Standards on Auditing (ISA’s).

Tax Consulting

Tax planning is indeed an integral part of business planning. More than
ever, tax compliance and understanding is a priority for business all over
the country.
The ability to perform tax planning and taking into consideration tax
saving opportunities continues to set businesses apart.

Public Sector Advisory

We work with organizations in the public sector to develop enabling
policies and strategies, strengthen institutions, build capacity and
evaluate outcomes to facilitate efficient delivery of public services.
We advise on a range of issues including – institutional reform,
resource management reform, public policy, strategic planning and

Corporate Finance and Business Advisory

To get a clear picture of whether your business is achieving its
stated objectives, you need to look at the business from a bird’s eye
view from time to time to analyse whether specific functions are in
tune with the overall business objective.

Business Process Outsourcing

It is increasingly becoming important for businesses to stick to what
they do best i.e. their core functions and outsource other non-core
This does not in any way mean relinquishing control of the business
to outsiders, but getting cost effective help on areas that